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With your support I can continue this social media work taking photos of people who feel invisible & often wouldn't have the chance to get professional portraits - although they're no where near the length of time as a full professional portrait photography session, they can still be effective in getting great results!

1. "One at a time"
Bringing light into a world
where so many of us feel invisible,
one at a time...

I often get asked what music I use in my videos. Some of these pieces were made specifically for these videos and are available below. All proceeds support this work & help me bring smiles to more people who might not otherwise have an opportunity or wish to get professional portraits...

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Although the videos last only around 1 minute long, they take a huge amount of time to produce & are non-profit. If you enjoy them & the positive affirming effect they have on people, please consider donating to enable me to have time to create more & have an impact on more lives.

Thanks so much for your support! :)

To view these short videos search instagram, tiktok, or youtube for "portrait geek".